I love you, summer! #swim (at cebu country club)

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Beauty in an old soul.

I invite people to my not-so-secret spot because I want to talk to them in person, see them laugh, hear their stories and make a connection. It’s difficult, taking down barriers, but stories are revelations. You wade through the conversations and the warmth.. it grows in you.

Thanks for sharing a piece of you with me, Frankie.

Still fan girling. Thank you for this opportunity, ate nawe!
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Are you willing to dedicate one tumblr post to the victims of human trafficking?

Today, April 10, 2014, young people from all around the world unite in our fight against human trafficking.

#stand4freedom campaign is an online campaign that hopes to make a noise and let everyone know that this issue is a grave one, one that needs as many supporters and voices as possible.

I encourage you guys, tumblr people, to join the cause.
All you have to do is post a similar photo as the one above, one with your friends, family, alone, etc holding up signs stating “i stand for freedom” (with hashtags #stand4freedom #stand4freedomph #standforfreedomcebu)

Who knew one post can make such difference?
Who knew one post can serve as voice of the oppressed?
Who knew one post can change someone’s life?

One post, one statement.
That’s one day for their everyday!

April 10, 2014.

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I seriously don’t understand my parents. I mean really, they’re so frustrating for the following reasons:

1. They hate me for going home late. Now, it would’ve been reasonable if i went home late coz sex or parties or drugs. but seriously… i’m prolly a goodie goodie. i spend night outs in Mcdonalds or school or in a cafe shop with friends. no alcohol, no drinks, no boys. really, what’s the strict thing for. safety? pssssh. my sister goes home late and they’re fine with it. my brother is a different story.

2. they won’t allow me to go to a concert this may. it would’ve been reasonable if like they have to spend for everything but seriously they won’t. someone’s paying for my plane tickets, i’m paying for the concert. i even asked if pwede kahit one day lang, and they still won’t allow. graduation gift na lang sana? kahit yun lang? a concert? MY SISTER WENT TO A CONCERT TO MANILA ALONE BEFORE. BAKIT AKO DI PWEDE.

.. i mean seriously. i have been a great daughter. i have done so many wonderful stuff that they told me they’re proud off. and this is all i ask. is this what i get for never having summer class coz i seriously never failed any subject in my entire life? for achieving so many things for society? for making a difference?

… and now i’m considering not entering law school anymore, because obviously it’s their dream and not mine. and if i allow that to happen, puta that’s four more years under their command. if i start to work, that’s like money for myself, a place for myself, a life for myself.

… or maybe i’m just too sad about the concert right now coz one band i love so much is playing and i’ve been waiting for this concert for months now.

.. sorry for the rant.

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April 05 - 06, 2014.
Plantation bay.

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Waiting for forever.

Dear you,

For the second time around, I find myself staring into darkness. Sitting in the middle of land, vast land, surrounded by thousands and thousands of water. Watching as each wave meet with others, carrying stories from across the universe. The shattered stars illuminate, gracing such wonder upon me, a lonely being in the middle of nothingness.

I ask you to not worry about me, for I know that I am never alone.
Somewhere, in some other place, the same stars cast their wonder upon your beauty. Somewhere out there, the same ripples of ocean lead to wherever you are. Somewhere, the same time today, you’re also somewhere, in the middle of nothingness. I feel we are connected, connected separately, for destiny’s still crafting the story that would be ours.

But i know soon, we will be together.
We will be under the same stars,
staring at the same vast ocean,
lying on the same warm sand,
Touching. Feeling. Loving.
We will be with each other soon.

But for now we remain connected separately,
waiting for nothingness to finally mean forever.


April 06, 2014.
Plantation midnight.

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If a person invented a business out of gossiping, he will be the richest in the entire universe.

With the recent happenings and drama of this world, I have come to a conclusion: You can really never fully trust anyone, because people will disappoint you, always.

Like if I ask you right now to imagine paradise, variations will sprout out from all of us. No two paradises will be completely similar, there will always be something unique about your own paradise.

With this line of thinking, we all know how our perceptions vary differently. And these perceptions affect the way we receive truths. Which is why the game “pass the message” is very effective. There is a high possibility that a message gets twisted on its way to the end, because mouths involved inevitably change the message, intentionally or unintentionally.

And this is why gossip can be very deadly, unless you take into heart what I said in the first paragraph. If you want no conflict in your life, just don’t talk to anyone. But I know how impossible that kind of life may be.

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it’s never easy to accept
That our bodies are fallible and flawed
But when do we draw the line?
When the knife hits the skin?

For our final project in our Sociology class, our teacher asked us to create a photo essay about any societal issue. My group and I decided to choose one topic close to my heart and had a photo shoot with models, with different forms and shapes, who were willing to show their bodies to the public. Then we crossed paths with Mary Lambert’s “Body Love”, thus the birth of this video.

I still cry at the beauty of the words.

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Tito Rudy Alix, for months already, has been constantly requesting me for an hour of my time so we can have a little photoshoot. We finally found time when I told him I wanted to go to La Belle Aurore (since the place is about to close. huhu). However, the place was cramped last Saturday so we decided to have it in UP.

I still feel uwaw but at the same time quite honored everytime I’m approached by people who want to photograph me because they want society to reconsider their concept of beauty.

Thanks, Tito Rudy.

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I can’t help but be sentimental about the fact that our 4 years together is almost coming to an end.

March 26, 2014.
Graduation blues.

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